What is Investment Mining?

Investment Mining is a multi tiered investment strategy designed to maximize access to opportunity within the cryptocurrency space.  It includes but is not limited to ASIC mining, GPU mining and trading cryptocurrency.


This site is not meant to be an exhaustive resource.  The intention is to give visitors a clear roadmap to follow as opposed to presenting them with excessive decision making.  For the benefit of visitors, recommendations made herein will be limited.  All recommendations for mining pools, exchanges, and any other related business or service are made for streamlining the complicated process of navigating the cryptocurrency space.  In certain instances these recommendations may include an affiliate link or ID.  If a link leaving this site contains an affiliate link or ID, and a visitor clicks that link; InvestmentMining.com and/or its owners may be financially compensated.


Warning: Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile space and any entrants into this developing marketplace should be prepared to lose their entire investment.  InvestmentMining.com and any outlined investment strategies herein offer no guarantees of any kind to financial success.  The recommendations made on this site are not financial advice.