The Drifter called Namecoin

Yet another exchange has delisted Namecoin. This time Poloniex, one of the more reputable crypto destinations, has given users until sometime in June to withdrawal any remaining cryptocurrency. Early adopters including Satoshi appreciate the value of the project and it also demonstrates the spirit of Bitcoin. The hope was a decentralized internet but the idea… Read more The Drifter called Namecoin

CoinEx Contracts

Think you could make the big bucks if you already had a fat bankroll to get started? CoinEx wants to know and is willing to handsomely pay in cryptocurrency. Take the Trading Challenge Online beginning immediately! The contest runs until May31st. Participants begin with 10 btc to trade against the dollar. The goal is to… Read more CoinEx Contracts

Bitcoin Bulls Spotted

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

As of the time of this post it appears that Bitcoin is poised to explode. The daily chart is not only showing two days of consecutive gaps, but everyone’s favorite J-Hook appears to be forming. Could be some retracement over the next 24 hours but it is looking like it’s going to be an explosive… Read more Bitcoin Bulls Spotted

Mining Hardware Arms Race

Yesterday Bitmain began shipping the Antminer S17 and the S17 Pro. In the last 6 months competition between Bitmain and it’s closest rival Innosilcon has been building up as both companies are scrambling to add new products as quickly as Coinbase has been adding new tokens. Originally due to ship in December 2018, the latest… Read more Mining Hardware Arms Race

The Golden Pig Delivers

In it’s first act as reigning sign for the year, the Golden Pig seems to have delivered a menacing blow to the bears. Soon after the lunar new year Bitcoin rallied and has been steady ever since. With the next halving about 15 months away there is still plenty of time to start mining. It… Read more The Golden Pig Delivers

ZCash listed on Coinbase

Yesterday while purchasing some BAT on Coinbase I noticed that ZCash was now available for purchase.  That makes Coinbase 3 for 5 on the 5 assets that they were considering listing.  Since the addition of 0x in October, Basic Attention Token and now ZEC have been added in relatively rapid succession compared to listings of… Read more ZCash listed on Coinbase