0x Token listed for retail Coinbase accounts

About a week ago Coinbase Pro listed 0x protocol token ZRX (pronounced ZeroEx).  Yesterday the token showed up on the Coinbase retail app.  The company has not added a coin since rolling out Bitcoin Cash last December.  Since that time Cryptocurrency has been in a bear market and falling prices have seemingly not hit bottom as of yet.  This is positive news for the market in general.

The ambitious 0x project is an ERC20 token which means it uses the Ethereum blockchain.  That alone is at least a Coinbase vote of confidence for it’s 2nd token first offered in mid 2016.  Because Ethereum does not meet it’s own requirements for ERC20, ETH needs to be tokenized or “wrapped” to become wrapped Ethereum which can be used in decentralized exchanges.  On the 0x website it directs users to download MetaMask in order to begin trading.  MetaMask is a browser plugin that allows the user to “log on” to the Ethereum blockchain without the blockchain requirements.  This plugin seeks to bring Ethereum dApps to the masses; and being listed on Coinbase should dramatically increase that desired exposure.

MetaMask is available for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers and appears to be the easiest way for novices to navigate the protocol.  On a side note, if one were to be interested in purchasing plots of land in Decentraland (VR Blockchain world of tomorrow), MetaMask is your first stop.  This is also how to acquire Maker (MKR), which is a strangely coveted but rarely spoken of ERC20 token.