Antminer S15 ships from Bitmain

28TH/s units foretell hash rate increase

Opportunity is quietly rapping, offering a golden ticket for the next Bitcoin bull market. This weekend the S15 began shipping all over the world. Right now miners are unboxing brand new units and slowly replacing their old systems. Those old systems are flooding ebay at bottom dollar pricing. This translates to S9’s for under $200 with a PSU! While these units continue to flood the market and the hash rate rises one might expect the price to continue to drop for now.

There’s a chance that the Antminer S15 will fall in price, although it’s release could help usher in the next halving sooner. Which is when everyone else gets hot on mining again. Bitmain appears to have some serious competition out of Canada now with Innosilicon taking preoders on a 43 TH/s unit called the Terminator3. With that unit set to ship in March the hardware race is back on and this is great long term news for Bitcoin. Time is running short, start forging your mining plans now!