Factom Nears Late 2017 Resistance

Factom’s rise has continued to near the December 2017 resistance which seems to be good news.  Consider the variation in the price of Bitcoin.  A year ago at the same relative Bitcoin value Factom was worth nearly 5 times what it is today.  Most exchanges do not have a way to change FCT directly for fiat so this is to the extreme benefit of those who are already in the market trading.  At this point it seems likely that the value of Factom will continue to rise against the falling value of Bitcoin.  That is until Bitcon goes full bull again which would likely be the optimal time to take profits in Bitcoin, NOT fiat.  (Or right before to be more specific should your precognitive abilities serve you)

When trading cryptocurrency one is typically forced to take profits in the original currency or asset used in the investment .  For many altcoins that option is typically only Bitcoin Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash.  There are unusual opportunities that arise but are unlikely to be predictable.  For instance right now a holder of ZEC purchased on CoinEx with BCH should be taking profits in BCH.  And replenishing their supply of ZEC with USDT or USDC especially since ZEC was recently listed on Coinbase.