2019 Mining Outlook

Cryptocurrency always loves a new year. While several end of year predictions for the price of Bitcoin seem unlikely, excitement continues to build for the prospect of 2019. Many simply want 2018 to be over along with the bear market that it came with.

A year ago Coinbase was preparing to match BCH hard fork money unbeknownst to most. And this year the company has already said BSV will at least be available for withdraw at some point after the November 15th fork. Eager sellers await their hard fork dividends as they watch the price fall on other exchanges.

With a little over 500 days until the next Bitcoin halving miners are either digging in or selling out cheap. Ebay and Amazon are both offering new and used Antminer S9’s for fractions of the price that one could find them for this time last year. All opportunity comes with a degree of risk and uncertainty. The opportunity to purchase inexpensive bitcoin mining hardware is there for the taking today. New equipment is long overdue and someone somewhere is likely using soon to be released superior technology. That shouldn’t stop a curious bystander from picking up a cheap antminer and learning the basics of bitcoin mining.