The Drifter called Namecoin

Yet another exchange has delisted Namecoin. This time Poloniex, one of the more reputable crypto destinations, has given users until sometime in June to withdrawal any remaining cryptocurrency. Early adopters including Satoshi appreciate the value of the project and it also demonstrates the spirit of Bitcoin. The hope was a decentralized internet but the idea did not resonate with enough users and perhaps it burst onto the scene far too early. After all many are still not even convinced of the value of Bitcoin.

In the last couple of decades any attempts at the creation of rogue networks was put down swiftly by the once mighty ICANN. And yet it’s most fearsome foe to date has temporarily taken itself out of the fight. There is still hope for the veteran cryptocurrency as adoption of Bitcoin continues. But for now if you haven`t maintained a Namecoin Core wallet one might find their NMC are now without residence! The best solution for where to store your Namecoin is definitively the core wallet. Download Namecoin Core


Since the advent of exchanges, crypto users are no longer bound by the original rules. The concept of the Core wallet has become something that most users never even consider. Instead they turn over custody to what they hope is at least a responsible organization. The question remains who is willing to take custody of ones Namecoin? Many mining pools allow a user to also deposit funds in their accounts. Most pools also merge mine Namecoin since they both share the same algorithim – SHA-256

You don’t need to be a miner or mine on most of the large pools to create an account. Take advantage of these free weigh stations. But once you witness all the fun and giveaways to be had, mining will seem more within reach! Fire up a miner asap before the next parabolic Bitcoin party. Start mining Bitcoin on ViaBTC today!

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