Mining Bitcoin

Greetings program! Rest your weary eyes here for a bit and focus on the Bitcoin below. Absorb everything the symbol has come to represent.

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Observe how you feel after studying it. Do you feel overwhelmed with FOMO* or does it make you feel confident and free? If you said the latter then congratulations, you”re probably already mining. May you continue to exhibit excellence and follow your path to advancing civilization.

Now on the other hand if you’re suffering from the former this minute then it’s recommended to go back to the Bitcoin logo and stare at it some more. What causes this uneasiness and can it be overcome? Fortunately the answer is a resounding yes! The first thing you need to do is get all the facts and focus..

At this point in Bitcoin’s life even the most novice cryptocurrency enthusiast can get another started. The first thing that most would invariably agree on is that one should begin buying small amounts on a regular basis, known as dollar cost averaging.

All this noise about bitcoin mining and yet we don’t casually see bitcoin mines popping all over. A quick google search for cryptocurency jobs reveals that there are plenty of positions available for blockchain analysts, traders, marketing managers and software developers. One field remains oddly absent; Information Technology, save the occasional listing for a security architect. The cryptoweb is littered with information resources surrounding bitcoin mining. There are mining calculators that take into account everything from electricity costs to latest up to the minute pricing. Entire forums are dedicated to gpu and asic mining hardware

  1. Getting Started
  2. Downloading a Bitcoin Wallet
  3. Choosing a Power Supply
  4. Buying a Bitcoin Antminer
  5. Setting up a Bitcoin Mine
  6. Selecting a Mining Pool
  7. HODL

*Fear Of Missing Out