Mining Bitcoin: Getting a Bitcoin Core Wallet

Initially the only wallet you should familiarize yourself with is the full Bitcoin client known as Bitcoin Core.  It is not difficult to run a full node; nor are the technical requirements too demanding.

Learning the basics of Bitcoin Core is essential to having the most control over your Bitcoin and a better understanding of how the network operates.  The value far outweighs the effort required to run a full node.

The biggest technical demand is hard drive space, however the data directory (blockchain location) can be on an external drive.  It never stops growing so you mine as well start with a 1 or 2TB external drive for your blockchain.

And still before ever purchasing or mining Bitcoin it is imperative to read over these links and understand completely what you’re diving into. [Required Reading] [Required Reading]

Getting Started

Downloading Bitcoin Software (Getting a wallet)

Choosing a Power Supply (110 or 220)

Buying a Bitcoin Antminer

Setting up a Bitcoin Mine

Selecting a Mining Pool

Mining Bitcoin